Who’s The Daddy 18.10.20

WHO’S THE DADDY – 18.10.20 – Sponsored by Peregrine Performance & Falkland Performance Centre

DRIFT OVAL UPDATE: As per the Previous Event – Drift Oval Drivers DO NOT need to Pre-Register. However, please see Procedures/Restrictions Below:-

Your Name, Mobile Number and Temperature will be taken on arrival- Drivers/Attendees will also be signing on just past the Entry Gate at this event to avoid going over to the 1/4 Mile area.

Attendees/Drivers taking part can have a Passenger as long as they are from the same Household/Partner or part of their Support/Extended Bubble. Children under 12yrs are permitted.

Attendee’s/Driver’s Passenger do not have to be a passenger on the Track/Oval. Any passenger in the car will also have their temperature taken.

Attendees/Drivers on the Drift Oval can, in addition to a passenger as above have a Mechanic/Pit Member attend – They can arrive with them if they are part of their “Bubble”, if this cannot be achieved then please follow the guidelines as set out here: https://www.transport.gov.scot/…/advice-on-how-to…