WHO’S THE DADDY? 18.10.20

Here are the classes and trophies for Sunday’s event!

9 Track Awards & 6 Show Awards!!
There will be shoot-outs for the following categories…- Top 4 cars in each of the RWD/FWD/AWD classes. – Top 2 cars in the 1600cc, 2000cc and Diesel classes.
PLEASE NOTE: Cut off for the shoot-outs will be made at 2pm. Shoot-outs will commence at 3pm. PLEASE CHECK AFTER 2pm if you are in the shoot-outs and listen for announcements…if you are in the shoot out, make your way to the holding area just before 3pm. If you are not there in time you may forfeit your place.

We request that you please wear a face covering/mask everywhere on site as a precaution. Also, please refer to previous posts for all the Covid rules and regulations. Gates open 8.15am, Track Open 10am – 4pmWeather looks DRY for the weekend

PLEASE ALSO NOTE: Pre-Registration is closed!! There are NO on the day Drive In or Walk In’s.