GERMAN INVASION 20.06.21 – Sponsored by Ecotune

Spectators ARE permitted, there is no need to pre-register to attend. Here are details for classes/show n shine/trophies below…

TRACK There will be a shoot out for the top 4 cars in each of the RWD/FWD/AWD classes as well as the winners going head to head for ‘Fastest of the Day’

Fastest FWD (After top 4 shoot-out)
Fastest RWD (After top 4 shoot-out)
Fastest AWD (After top 4 shoot-out)
Fastest Car of the Day (After winners shoot-out)
Fastest up to 2000cc
Fastest up to 1600cc
Fastest Diesel
Best Drifter (All track trophies/shootouts for German cars only – EXCEPT FASTEST CAR OF THE DAY WHICH IS OPEN TO ALL)
Please ensure you enter the correct class and your details are readable to avoid being entered into the wrong class.

SHOW n SHINE TOP 5 CARS 5 trophies for the best individual cars on the day, as picked by independent judges.
Best Club Stand – Chosen by independent judge; not just for number of cars, but for car quality and display. (All show trophies for German cars only)

This is a popular event and evident signage is in place onsite and we respectfully continue to ask that each person take responsibility for knowing the current Scottish Government guidelines. Please wash you hands regularly, carry and use your own sanitiser/wipes (There are also facilities provided onsite for your use) Please listen to Marshalls onsite and observe and respect any instructions you are given, particularly in relation to 2metre distancing from others. DO NOT ENTER the site if you feel unwell or have any symptoms associated with Covid 19 as listed on the Scottish Government website.

***As always, Crail is open to any make or model of cars but most of the awards and shoot outs are only for German cars