General Rules

Below are the rules to be followed while attending and participating in the Crail Raceway events.

  • Please respect the local Village and residents
  • The speed limit within the Village of Crail is 20mph.Please drive carefully and with respect to the local residents
  • Speed Limit in Public areas is 10mph.  There may be members of the public wandering round the site, including children, please keep you speed down in the public areas
  • NO glass bottles on site. Broken glass is very dangerous, please ensure all drinks are in plastic bottles, or leave your glass bottle in your car, if you are found walking round the site with a glass bottle, it will be confiscated.
  • Stay behind the safety fences at all time. The safety fences are there for your protection, please ensure you stay behind them.
  • Always Listen to the Marshalls. Please obey any instruction given to you by the marshalls
  • Crash Helmets MUST be worn on 1/4 Mile if your car has a terminal speed of 120mph+ Driver & Passenger
  • Crash Helmets MUST be worn on Drift Oval by Driver & Passenger
  • Crash Helmets MUST be worn if you have a soft top/Convertible Car
  • A Roll Cage is required on the Oval/Open Track if you are driving a convertible/soft top car