Participants Rules

Crail Thrash – Participants Rules

  • Driver Sign On.  All drivers must sign the disclaimer before going on any of the tracks
  • Passenger Sign On.  All Passengers must sign the disclaimer before going on any of the tracks
  • No Under 8’s Allowed.  No person below the age of 8 is allowed on the track either as a passenger or a driver
  • Children aged 8 to 16 allowed with Parental Consent.  A Disclaimer must be signed by a Parent or Guardian for any child under 16 who wishes to take part. Helmets MUST be worn by any children on track and they must be suitably restrained in the vehicle.
  • Seat belts MUST be worn at all times.  Please ensure that you and any passenger you are carrying have a suitably adjusted seat belt on.
  • Helmets – 1/4 Mile Drag Strip.  Helmets are compulsory on the 1/4 mile drag strip for any soft top vehicles or vehicles whose Terminal velocity is 120mph or higher. We strongly recommend that all participants use a helmet.
  • Helmets – Drift Oval.  Helmets are compulsory for all drivers and passengers on the Track Attack course and the drift oval
  • No rear seat passenger.  Under no circumstances is it permissible to take passengers in the rear seats of any vehicle on any of the tracks.
  • Motorbikes/Quads/Trikes – Helmet and Leathers.  All bikers must wear a suitable helmet and leathers when taking part, we also suggest a steering damper is fitted.
  • Soft Top/Convertible cars 1/4 Mile Drag Strip. Helmets are compulsory for Driver and passenger of any convertible/soft top car irrespective of speed on the 1/4 Mile.
  • Soft Top/Convertible Cars Drift Oval, Track Attack. A Roll Cage is required to go on the Oval/Track Attack.
  • No Loose Items.  Please ensure that all loose items within your vehicle are secured before taking to the track (i.e. Bottles, toolboxes, bags, etc.)
  • Obey Speed limit on the return road.  The speed limit on the return road is 10mph, please ensure you obey this speed limit.