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Driver Vehicle Date Engine Drive Gearbox Fuel 1/4 MileTime
DEREK ORRGTR03.06.18Over 2500AWDAutomaticPetrol10.150 @ 140.60mph
S WARD911T17.06.18Over 2500AWDAutomaticPetrol10.450 @ 140.60mph
PAUL BROWNEAUDI RS708.04.18Over 2500AWDAutomaticPetrol10.460 @ 136.80mph
ANDREW MORRISONPORSCHE 91101.07.18Over 2500AWDAutomaticPetrol10.460 @ 141.50mph
ROBERTO CIARARS301.07.18Upto 2500AWDAutomaticPetrol10.630 @ 133.10mph
ROSS ANDERSONTTS17.06.18Upto 2000AWDAutomaticPetrol10.640 @ 133.10mph
L BRYCEAUDI S308.04.18Upto 2000AWDAutomaticPetrol10.650 @ 134.30mph
KENNY CSUPRA01.07.18Over 2500RWDAutomaticPetrol10.670 @ 138.00mph
CRAIG LOWAUDI TTRS01.07.18Upto 2500AWDAutomaticPetrol10.750 @ 131.60mph
GEORGE LAWTON JRMR2 TURBO06.05.18Upto 2000RWDManualPetrol10.760 @ 144.20mph