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Driver Vehicle Date Engine Drive Gearbox Fuel 1/4 MileTime
J PARSONSAUDI RS611.02.18Over 2500AWDAutomaticPetrol11.250 @ 124.70mph
BLAIR PATTIEGOLF R11.02.18Upto 2000AWDAutomaticPetrol11.470 @ 129.30mph
GORDON GUTHRIEGOLF R11.02.18Upto 2000AWDAutomaticPetrol11.510 @ 124.00mph
CRAIG SLOANGOLF11.02.18Upto 2000AWDAutomaticPetrol11.700 @ 121.60mph
PAUL CAMERONA45 AMG11.02.18Upto 2000AWDAutomaticPetrol11.820 @ 117.50mph
JAMES RITCHIEPAN TURBO S11.02.18Over 2500AWDAutomaticPetrol11.980 @ 119.70mph
NICKY BAIRDAUDI RS511.02.18Over 2500AWDAutomaticPetrol12.180 @ 117.20mph
DREW CALDWELLGOLF R11.02.18Upto 2000AWDManualPetrol12.440 @ 115.40mph
PEDRO SURNAMEAUDI S311.02.18Upto 2000AWDAutomaticPetrol12.460 @ 112.80mph
J SINGLETONAUDI S311.02.18Upto 2000AWDAutomaticPetrol12.490 @ 111.90mph