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Driver Vehicle Date Engine Drive Gearbox Fuel 1/4 MileTime
KEVIN MS320.06.21Upto 2000AWDAutomaticPetrol0.000 @ 0.00mph
ECOTUNE SURNAMERS323.05.21Upto 2500AWDAutomaticAny9.320 @ 162.50mph
APR UKAUDI TTRS28.04.19Upto 2500AWDAutomaticPetrol9.500 @ 149.50mph
DEREK ORRGTR21.07.19Over 2500AWDAutomaticPetrol9.500 @ 148.50mph
SEAN MCLARENAUDI TTRS20.09.20Upto 2500AWDAutomaticPetrol9.610 @ 148.00mph
DANIEL JACOBSAUDI RS320.09.20Upto 2500AWDAutomaticPetrol9.620 @ 147.10mph
DAVE HENDERSONRS327.10.19Upto 2500AWDAutomaticPetrol9.630 @ 153.10mph
JURGEN VALLONSHURACAN TT23.06.19Over 2500AWDAutomaticPetrol9.700 @ 150.00mph
ROBERTO CAIRAAUDI RS301.09.19Upto 2500AWDAutomaticPetrol9.720 @ 145.60mph
S WARDPORSCHE 911 T24.03.19Over 2500AWDAutomaticPetrol9.940 @ 141.50mph